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About Us

Better DiGi is a team of very demanding and enthusiastic thinkers!

We started our first development of portable monitor in the year 2013, focusing on type-C plug & play connection and slimy lightweight body design. Finally, this amazing product was born in 2015, and that was our first generation portable monitor (probably the first type-C portable monitor in the world).

Receiving a huge amount of fans from our first generation model, we realized that the market need something different, something even better! Then we founded Better DiGi, which specially focus further more on compact size products and lightweight portable design.

With efforts and growing from the gaming gear & leisure electronics industry for years, now our expertises are in the design of innovative and leading edge electronic products, with a focus in the gaming gear & leisure electronics related field.

We are thrilled to introduce our advanced and high quality premium products, take a few minutes to look at Better DiGi™ Collections!