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A pocket-size Switch dock with Bluetooth 5.0. Super Early Bird Dongii price starts from $29. Live on Kickstarter Now!!

Dongii, Nintendo Switch Dock & 65W GaN Charger

A pocket-size Switch dock with Bluetooth 5.0, adapting for all the Bluetooth audio devices and making any television your playground.

Super Early Bird Dongii price starts from $29. Live on Kickstarter Now!!


These days, we all suffer from too many heavy accessories for our devices - chargers, adapters, hubs, and docks. The same is true for Nintendo Switch. The official Switch Dock is expensive and cumbersome and will only work with a separate charger. Packing all that gear really takes the fun out of a gaming meetup with friends. As game lovers, we wondered if a Switch dock could be more portable and simple?

The answer is definitely yes!

We created Dongii, a pocket-sized dock, with Bluetooth 5.0 and a detachable 65W GaN charger, allowing you to connect your Nintendo Switch to most any television and wirelessly connect to Bluetooth headphones or speakers for a more immersive gaming experience. 

Gaming on TV could be so easy ever!

Dongii can also quickly charge other devices thanks to its USB-C PD support. Smaller than the original docking station and with more functions than a charger, Dongii is the ultimate portable dock for the Nintendo Switch that provides the simplest way to connect to a TV and fast-charge any device.  

Be Careful With This Fake Indiegogo Campaign

We just found a copycat of Dongii funding on Indiegogo after we successfully launched on Kickstarter. Better DiGi team has already reported this fake campaign to the Indiegogo platform. 

We want to make an official announcement here. Dongii has no distributor partners so far and is only live on Kickstarter. We might move to Indiegogo for InDemand after the Kickstarter campaign closes, but not right now. This scammer completely copied our pictures, videos and product description that our team spent countless days and nights to finish in the past few months. AND they just show our draft page right now without any sincerity and sell them at such a low price. They can never produce the same Dongii as they copied and won't be able to ship the products. Please be careful with this fake Indiegogo campaign and spreads the news to your friends in case they get to the wrong page. If you saw things like Dongii somewhere else except for on Kickstarter, please let us know. It must be A Scam. Don't buy it. Sometimes shitty happens! But we will fight back!  

  • Make Any Television Your Playground

Dongii is a small dock you can carry with you anywhere, easily hook your Switch up to and play on a TV with. It cleverly replaces the official Switch dock and its separate charger. It supports 4k 60Hz video transmission and lets you enjoy a better gaming experience on a big TV even when you’re not at home.

Better gaming experience on a big TV
Turn your home into a gym
  • More Immersive Gaming Experience

Dongii comes with Bluetooth 5.0 standard, which allows it to connect the Switch audio to any Bluetooth-enabled audio devices. Stream audio to your favorite headphones or earbuds and enjoy a more immersive gaming experience without disturbing others.

Connect to your favorite headphone

Dongii is compatible with all the Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

  • Safe To Use

The early stage of the USB-C protocol was imperfect. It caused large voltage fluctuations when used with Switch because it didn’t match with the Switch protocol. Other no-name aftermarket docks have proven unreliable with suspect quality that could damage your Switch. Now, after years of optimization, USB-C protocol has comprehensively improved. After countless rounds of testing and optimizing, Dongii delivers the proper voltage and amperage to the Switch based on its battery level and ensures the best and safest performance. 

  •  Ultra-compact, Just Pack and Go 

Save space, lighten your load and hit the road without taking the heavy original Switch docking station and separate charger with you. Dongii is perfect for carrying around or traveling. Just throw it in your bag and away you go.

Just pack and go
  • 65W Detachable GaN Charger

Built using the latest GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology, Dongii is much smaller, more efficient and delivers better performance and heat dissipation compared to traditional power adapters.

The GaN charger can be detached from the dock and accommodate any of your existing USB-C chargers. A simple way to make your charger more powerful and multifunctional.

Turn your existing charger into a Dongii

We also make Dongii a truly portable charger since it is perfectly compatible with the PD power bank! No more worries about running out of your devices' batteries on the road. If you want to charge your laptop or Nintendo Switch, it would be better to use a power bank with 45W or higher power output. Macbook request a 20V output and Nintendo Switch requests a 15V output.

Fits your PD power bank
  •  Travel-friendly Design 

Keeping global traveling needs in mind, Dongii comes with UK/EU/US pin converters that can work safely in almost any country.

Dongii comes with USB-C, USB-A and HDMI display ports to fit all your needs on any occasion at any time. Dongii is not only designed for Nintendo Switch, but can work as a fast-charger, an adapter or even a hub for your laptops, tablets or smartphones. 

  • Cutting your charging time in half

The USB-C port supports the PD 3.0 quick charging standard. You can easily charge your devices at much faster speeds.

Charge your smartphone
  • Quick Access To Your Drive’s Data

The USB-A port supports the QC 3.0 standard and allows you to access your USB drive, mouse or controller.

Read the USB drive
  • Stream On A Big Monitor

The HDMI display port supports 4K 60Hz video transmission for stunning visuals. Hook up Dongii to your laptop and display your presentation on a big monitor. It eliminates complicated connections, saves time, and makes your work look great. 

Perfect for meetings

Connect your laptop to a large monitor to mirror or extend your screen and super-size your efficiency. 

Double your productivity
Turn your smartphone into a computer

  • How To Connect To Your Television?
  • How To Connect To Your Favorite Headset?

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